Fun Egg Decorating Ideas

Spring is officially here, it is very exciting! This season is perfect for family fun. A great family activity is decorating Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt. We have provided three fun egg decorating ideas for you and your family to try this season. 


3 Fun Egg Decorating Ideas:


Preparation: Hard boil the eggs.

Gold-Foiled Easter Eggs: Go a step further than the typical Easter egg dying and experiment with gold foil eggs. This popular trend adds a glamorous metallic finish to your basic white eggs. The specific supplies you will need for this activity are gold foiling paper, foiling glue, and a paintbrush. 

What to do: Take your hard-boiled egg in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. Dip your paint brush in your foiling glue and begin to paint the egg where ever you desire to have foil. You can either foil the entire egg or make designs with the foiling glue. Next, you will need to let the egg dry for approximately fifteen minutes. Neatly place down your gold foiling paper onto of your egg. Then you will begin to smooth out your foil paper. Lastly, you will remove any excess foiling paper from your egg.

Tie-Dye Eggs: Making fun tie-dye patterns has never been so easy. The supplies you will need for this project are food coloring, shaving cream, baking sheet, and a straw. 

What to do: Spray a decent amount of shaving cream out on your baking sheet. Spread it out to make each side even. Now take the food coloring and begin to drip the colors all over the shaving cream. Take the straw and mix the colors together in a swirling motion. Then take your hard-boiled eggs and roll them in the shaving cream. Let your colored eggs sit for approximately ten minutes then rinse them off with water. 

Glittered Eggs: These are an eye-catching version of eggs, and we love the way they look! All you need for this design is Mod Podge or white glue and glitter. 

What to do: Take your hard-boiled egg and dip them into a small bowl of glue. Then dip a small amount of egg into the glitter. For example, if you want half the egg covered in glitter then dip half the egg in glue. Afterward, you can sprinkle your glitter on the glue-coated areas. For fun designs, you can use your fingers or a small paint brush. Have fun with your design and try doing some polka dots or stripes to add variety. 


Egg decorating can become a fun family tradition for you and your loved ones. How does your family decorate their eggs for this holiday? Share in the comment section below. 

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Declutter Your Home

Spring cleaning time is right around the corner. It is a dreaded time of year, but it always leaves you feeling refreshed. Spring cleaning is the time for you to get your home back to the way it should look. The holidays are over, your new year resolutions are in track, and now it is time for you to take that plunge and clean. 

1. Clean out your kitchen. 

Let us be honest, our kitchen can get unorganized very easily. Cabinets can fill up with expired food and dishes seem to always be misplaced. Your kitchen is a great place to  start when you begin to declutter your life. We always put off deep cleaning the kitchen because it can be a giant task. Here is how you can clean out your kitchen:

  • Throw out any empty bottles and expired food. It feels great seeing all the new space open up in your fridge and cabinets.
  • Reorganize the dishes in your cabinets. Check for any broken dishes and throw them away. Look to see if things are not in their designated spots and move them. 
  • Keep counter space only for items you will use daily. Also, consider the items you never use: think if you really need them or if they will be better suited in the give-away box. 
  • Time to literally deep clean your kitchen. It will feel amazing to have a refreshingly clean kitchen. You can tackle the scum in your oven, countertops, stove, you name it. 

2. Go through your closet. 

Closets are easy to avoid cleaning out because they are hidden from our guests. We get dressed in the morning and start to throw clothes in different spots or maybe you are someone who just uses that extra closet as storage for who-knows-what. What you need to do:

  • Take EVERYTHING out of your closet. We are going to start with a completely blank slate.
  • Separate everything into different piles: shoes, shirts, pants, etc. Make sure you have a pile for giveaway. We are sure that you will find some things that you do not wear or did not know you owned. 
  • Look at the quality of the item, if it is worn or torn, throw it out. 
  • Lastly, you can put everything you decided to keep back into the closet. You should have far fewer items than what you started with. 


You will feel extremely refreshed after “the declutter” and possibly tired, make sure to treat yourself! Decluttering your home will ultimately declutter your life, because an organized home is an organized life. Things may get messy again, but that is when you pull this article out and start all over.

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Your Red Oak Floors

Red oak is one of the most attractive flooring options available for your home.  Well known for its durability and longevity, this material takes stain well and has a beautiful open grain which gives it a little more character than other hardwood choices.  It is also widely available in the United States and constantly being replenished, making it a “greener” flooring option.


When choosing wall and decor color for a room with red oak hardwood consider its size first.  If you are dealing with a smaller space, warm colors can make it feel more closed in while cooler colors can make it appear larger.  Warmer colors are red, orange and yellow and cooler colors are green, violet and blue.  Warm colors are also best used in rooms where more activity takes place as they are more lively.  Cool colors are calming and tend to work best in bedrooms to promote healthy sleep patterns.


Another way to approach your color scheme is through what impression you would like the room to give visitors when they enter.  If you want the colors to pop and make a statement, using complementary colors will accomplish that.  If you want the room’s appearance to be more understated, your best bet is to use an analogous color scheme. 


The relationship between colors can be seen using a standard 12-part color wheel.  In what is called Color Theory, three colors that sit right next to one another are analogous, while colors that are opposite one another on the wheel are complementary.  Since analogous colors are subtler in variation they can easily blend with one another while complementary colors stand out when placed side by side. While red oak can take on a different appearance when stained, we will use its unstained light reddish tone to further explain these color schemes.


Using an analogous color scheme which includes the color of your red oak flooring would be to combine that reddish color with orange and gold accents.  This would add instant warmth to the room and give it a traditional look. 


A complementary color scheme would make the room look more vibrant and provide visual interest.  With red oak being your base, incorporating greens and blues would strike a great balance between warm and cool colors.  Be sure to use neutrals throughout the space to prevent the energy of the room from becoming too overwhelming.  It is always good to give the eye a place to pause when looking at a more dynamic color scheme. 

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The “How I Live” Interview

Need help with the design of the interior of your home? Well, you should consider completing the online free How I Live Interview. The How I Live Interview is a short quiz that can assist you in making decisions and selections when it comes to decorating your home. The interview questions encompass a range of topics about your pets, the size of your household, any individual needs as well as what your set budget is.


The Lifestyle Interview is so helpful because it analyzes your home life. For instance, you’ll be asked the ages of your children and the common areas of the home they frequent. Based on your answers, you’ll be given suggestions on the best home products you should utilize. It’s essential to respond to each question in its entirety because the tips are based solely on these responses.


You can use the interview process to make design plans for a particular space in your home because it’ll help you give you a starting point. You’ll be able to review possible design selections and ideas on how you can upgrade different features in a room. Such a tool is ideal for individuals who are not savvy when it comes to decorating an interior. Why? The Lifestyle Interview tool decreases most of the guesswork.


Use this tool to determine what type of flooring, cabinetry, and even furniture would look great in a particular space so that you can achieve your desired look. Having the ability to plan ahead can make you the best decisions possible so that you’ll get your money’s worth and you’ll be happy with the results.


Are you ready to take the How I Live Interview? Just visit our website today to begin.

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What You Need to Know About Carpet

Warm up any area in the home and reduce your energy bill when you install carpet. Many people shy away from carpet because it requires increased maintenance. However, carpet can provide warmth and comfort. Yes, there are several distinct advantages to selecting carpet as your flooring.


What are some of the benefits of carpet flooring? Well, did you know that new carpet can improve indoor air quality? Compared to other flooring options carpet emits lowest VOC. It acts as an air filter by pollen, dust and other harmful particles that can affect one’s health. According to recent studies, this can benefit individuals who have asthma and severe allergies. An added advantage of carpet is that it provides warmth. Carpet is thermal resistant, which means that in cold climates heat is retained for a longer period which conserves energy. Also, carpet helps reduce noise. Carpet quickly absorbs noise emitted from the televisions or sound systems.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of carpet flooring is that it’s comfortable. Carpet cushions your feet, soften slips and falls. Such a safety feature is suitable for homes with small children and the elderly.


If you’re interested in installing carpet in any room in your house, you should take into consideration the type of carpet of fiber to utilize. There are three major types of carpet fiber which include:

A synthetic fiber. Most quality residential carpets today are made of nylon. Nylon is the leader in appearance retention, fade and heat resistance, soil and stain resistance, and color and styling.

– Polyester
A standard synthetic material well accepted for its bulkiness, color clarity, and good stain and fade resistance. While not as resilient as nylon, Polyester fiber carpet constructed with today’s new technologies can be a good performer.

– Polypropylene
Another common synthetic material used in carpet manufacturing that is sometimes referred to as olefin. Most commonly used in commercial carpeting, polypropylene is not as resilient or resistant to abrasion as nylon, and it is naturally stain and fade resistant.


There are a wide variety of carpet colors and pattern. Are you ready to incorporate carpet in your interior design? Contact us today for a consultation.


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Where are the Upper Cabinets?

If you’re an avid reader of modern design blogs and magazines, you’ll notice that most modern kitchens are devoid of upper kitchen cabinetry. As bizarre as this sounds what is the driving force behind this trend? Was it the admiration of European design? Or perhaps it’s the clean lines and lack of clutter that makes this option so appealing? Whatever the reason may be if you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen space, it’s time to determine whether you might benefit from getting rid of your upper kitchen cabinets.

 If you’re a home chef, the idea of an open kitchen space sounds great because it can provide the functionality of a commercial kitchen. This allows you space for preparing and cooking while maintaining a clear view into the dining or living areas. It also enables you to easily obtain utensils and spices while you’re crafting meals. An additional benefit of kitchens without cabinetry is that allows homeowners to use their favorite dishware as a decorative accessory. Yes, your sophisticated silverware and plates can be showcased for all your guests to see.

While prevalent, is this modern minimalistic style here to stay? There are some trends that are popular at the moment, but on the other hand, there are trends that become staples. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in obtaining the clean lines of a kitchen without upper cabinets but still desire a functional kitchen here are some practical tips you can follow.

You can maximize function by installing deep lower drawers that can store pots, dishes, and additional utensils. Multi-purpose storage drawers can create that clean appearance that you desire while offering functionality.

You also have the option of dedicating one wall of cabinets that are installed from floor to ceiling and leaving the other surrounding walls free from the cabinetry. You’ll have sufficient storage space while maintaining the minimalist look.

Another option is to incorporate long cabinets that are equipped with drawers all the way around.

Alternating to a kitchen without cabinetry calls for an adjustment. You’ll have to think of all the items you use daily and what you need to store for occasional use. By working along with a professional designer, you can come up with creative storage solutions that allow for the clean lines of no kitchen cabinetry.

Imagine the design possibilities of having an open wall space. You can incorporate an uninterrupted backsplash or a tiled canvas.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the minimalist open kitchen trend.


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Bringing the “City of Love” To Your Home: Paris-Themed Decorating

Using a theme to decorate a room in your house can be more exciting than any of the design concepts you currently have in mind.  Taking inspiration from somewhere you have traveled to or wish to travel can bring focus to your decoration project.  Sticking with a theme will also prevent you from having to fill in the design gaps when you are out of creative ideas.  You can simply refer back to the culture of the geographical place you are emulating. 

One example of a popular theme is Paris.  It is a city with worldwide recognition and a unique look that attracts thousands of visitors every day.  Guests will be able to easily recognize the inspiration in your home that comes from this place through your use of the colors and architecture most associated with it.  Read on for suggestions about how to incorporate a Parisian theme in any room of your home.


Color Palette for Paris:  These are the colors that make people think of Paris: choose wisely.  The main goal is to use this theme in your designated space while preventing the room from appearing too disjointed from the rest of your home.  Concentrate on using the colors that flatter your home’s overall style. 


  • Creme
  • Dove Gray
  • Scarlet Red
  • Black + White
  • Royal Blue
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Ballet Pink
  • Olive Green
  • Saffron Yellow
  • Café au Lait


Popular Design Materials:  These materials are the best foundation for designing your Parisian-style room.


  • Wrought Iron
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Brick
  • Chevron or Herringbone patterned tile
  • Stone
  • Stucco 


Lighting, Furniture & Accessories:  Once you have taken care of the basic outer design of the room, focus your attention on giving each lighting element, furniture, and accessory the Paris touch.  Again, you do not have to use all of these items.  Simply use the pieces that will flatter your home the most. 

  • Color-Washed Wood
  • Chandeliers
  • Track Lighting
  • Heavy Drapery
  • Porcelain Jars
  • Upholstered Chairs
  • Multi-paned windows and cabinetry
  • Patterns & Stripes
  • Bookshelves
  • Indoor Plants
  • Toile
  • Patterned Rugs
  • Ornate Clocks
  • Wrought Iron (Headboard, Side Table and Chairs, Towel Racks etc.)



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Hosting Overnight Visitors Without a Guest Room

When space is limited and guests need overnight accommodations, it’s easy to get a little stressed out. With some creativity and thoughtfulness, you’ll be able to open up your home to them with confidence. Use some of these tips to make the available space you have into a makeshift guest room.


First and foremost, make sure that any room you choose is clean. The room may not be spacious, but the fact that it is clean will be appreciated. No matter what you do to make the space accommodating, if the area isn’t tidy, your guests will be sure to notice. Next, try to create more surface area for your visitors to work with. If there are miscellaneous items sitting on the floor that you were going to “get to later”, now is the time to clear them away. Any small furniture that can temporarily be moved to another area is also a good way to free up some space as well.  This will give guests room to place their overnight bags and essentials.


When it comes to having a place to sleep, there are a couple of options. You may already own a futon that is currently doubling as a couch in the room. If so, great! If not, you might want to invest in a quality air mattress—preferably one that is about two feet from the ground with a non-slip surface so sheets will not slip all over the place while your guests are using it. Make sure to check the label for mention of easy inflation and deflation so you don’t have to spend too much time on setup and cleanup. Make sure the bedding you use has been cleaned and be sure to provide extra pillows and blankets to accommodate your guest’s sleeping preferences.  Do not use couch pillows, as they can be uncomfortable to sleep on. If you do not have a spare set, it is highly recommended that you invest in them. Your visitors will thank you. 


Once the sleeping area has been set up, add things to the space that would make it look and feel similar to staying in a guest bedroom. If the space lacks proper lighting, move a small side table and lamp from somewhere else in your home and temporarily place it bedside. Guests will appreciate somewhere to put their glasses, phone and book where they can reach it. 


Finally, be sure to have spare toiletries available in case anything may have been forgotten.  Place a small basket in the guest bathroom with shampoo, soap, toothpaste and spare toothbrush. Make sure towels are clean and readily available. A spare hair dryer is also appreciated.


Not having a spare bedroom doesn’t mean that you can’t make your overnight guests experience an enjoyable one. Use these tips the next time you need to accommodate friends and family for an extended stay. Your hospitality won’t go unnoticed.

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Buy a Pumpkin from a Patch Not a Store

There are many positive attributes to buying a pumpkin from a patch, rather than a store. Buying from a patch directly leads to positive impacts on the community. Buying from a store simply gives big business more profit. Find out the direct positive impacts of buying from a local church or other pumpkin patch.

Profits made at a patch will help the local farmer see a profit; which creates more jobs and puts more spending money back into the community and locally run businesses.

There is much more variety available at a patch. The different sizes range from tiny to enormous. The price is actually less per pound than you will find in the stores. Usually there are many different colors available. An array of different oranges as well as green and white pumpkins.

Kids and the whole family can make an event out of going to a patch to select the family pumpkin. There is usually games and even some corn mazes at these events. Taking a photo opportunity is easy here and provides for an excellent fall background.

Many churches have pumpkin patch events right on the church lawns. A percentage of the profit usually goes to some type of good use for the church or specific charities. Youth groups that sponsor and work events like this typically help to send them on mission trips, where the youths help a community in need.

Do your research during this time of year. You can find out about local pumpkin patches in your area. Other information can also be found, like where the profits are going and who is being benefited by the pumpkin sales.

The bottom line is that you will pay more in a store for less variety and no experience. Make a trip out of visiting a pumpkin patch with the family. Start making memories and possibly add this activity to your family’s fall traditions.

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“She Shacks” are the New Man Caves for Women

She shacks are a new trend that are becoming wildly popular. This terminology means turning a storage shed into a space in the yard just for the lady of the house. These rooms can become a getaway for any woman to unwind and a place to use as a creative workspace. Men have their man caves, why can’t women have a “she shack”? Create your own getaway that is separate from the rest of your house, where you can get some quiet time to think, read, paint or anything else you can dream up. Find out more about “she shacks” and get ideas to make your own!

These little spaces can be custom built or made by transforming a storage/garden shed into a little one room space. Because of their small nature it does not cost a lot to make one of these for yourself. Add some drywall and run electricity to the shack for a relaxing space to make your own. With a little TLC these small spaces can be transformed into a sanctuary. Make sure to pay particular attention to the floor used in this space.  High quality floor materials such as tile or natural stone will transform your space into a unique getaway. 

Most store bought sheds have adorable little windows that you can make quaint little window treatments for. Throw a rug down on the floor and add a comfortable, upholstered lounge chair with ottoman. Green houses make for a great painting space. They offer plenty of natural light during the day. Add some string lights to transform the space into a night time oasis, where you can sit and have a glass of wine.

 These spaces make a great reading room, where you can actually read a book without getting interrupted by children or husbands.

Add an easel to the corner and install shelving to house paint supplies. The store bought sheds can be purchased in an array of sizes. Choose a space that can offer 40 to 60 or even 100 square feet to call your own. Tiny houses are typically round 200 square feet. There really is no limit to what you can create in your “She Shack”. The sky is the limit!

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